I feel bad for this photographer. HOWEVER...............

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Here is a link to the story.


While I really do feel bad for this photographer, she should have backed up the two wedding.  

That being said, just so you know...  I'm super crazy about the safety of our image files.  My laptop does not leave the room on a wedding day.  Every images is backed up to the laptop BEFORE we leave the reception.

Once I'm home, I copy the file to an external drive.   Once back in my studio, I backup AGAIN to several places.

I copy to my working PC, to an additional external drive, a network storage device AND to blu-ray disk which is stored at home.    

There is no such thing, in my mind, as too many back-ups.  

AND, I hope she was smart enough to be insured against the theft and had insurance for her business.  

One other thought, the article mentioned she hasn't contacted her brides yet regarding the theft of her laptop.  I hope neither bride sees this article.........


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