Want to find out how to save on your wedding photography? Then don't read this email.

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Honestly... The best way is to hire an experienced, educated photographer that knows the nuances of photographing a wedding.  Someone that will take care of your every need throughout your wedding planning (photographically and then some) .

How will this save you?  After all, wedding photography can get into thousand and thousands of dollars, depending on your needs.

This is how:

You hire an inexperienced photographer.  This photographer may have only charged you a few hundred dollars to photograph your wedding.  That's great.  You just saved a few thousand dollars.  

All you received was a disk of images.  How do those images compare to what an experienced photographers work?  My guess, not very well.

The inexperienced photographer didn't have the proper equipment nor the knowledge to create the images the experienced photographer would have.  So... your images do not reflect the day as you expected. Your images are not what you had hoped for.  Basically, the photographer you hired, over promised and under delivered.   You have no GREAT images from your wedding day.  You have a record of who was there.

How long did you have to wait for your wedding SNAPSHOTS to be delivered?   Several weeks, maybe even months.

Now all you have after all that waiting are images that just don't measure up.  You don't know what to do.  There is no, do over.   Do you go back and confront the photographer?

 There was no album or prints included in the 500 you spent on your photographer.   You need to purchase and album and prints of images you're not happy with.  I can go on and on with potential issues.    Trust me, with all the wedding photography Facebook pages I frequent, my favorite comment EVER was, "I did my first wedding, how do I fix the photos?"    Is this what you want?   Or another favorite, "I love this image, I just don't know how it fix and make it better."  Is this what you want? 


Now, let's look at the other option:

You hired a professional photographer with years of experience, the skill and knowledge to handle your one and only wedding day as it should be.  With professionalism and skill.  Your wedding day goes of without a hitch because your photographer kept thing on the move and know exactly what needed to be done at each moment and got it done many times without you even being aware that it was done.

Your package included an album, maybe a portrait, and or parent albums.  Yes the package may have cost you a few thousand dollars, HOWEVER, you now have piece of mind in that you know you hired a professional, experienced in the art of photography.  Your images are ready when you return from your honeymoon.   

You have a album, portrait and parent album coming to you.   Your images are FANTASTIC, way beyond what you ever expected.  You can't wait to show all of your family and friends.  You have satisfaction in knowing you made the right choice.

Now the question is who spend their hard earned dollar more wisely???  You may have spend a few more dollars, 

HOWEVER, after it costing you for the inexperienced photographer to RE-EDIT you images and wait several more week or months, you still have no album AND no wedding photos.

Had you gone with an experienced professional, you would have FANTASTIC, AMAZING images, an album, portrait and parent albums AND piece of mind.

I hope this help you understand importance of hiring an experienced wedding photographer.  

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