What do you want? Average or Exceptional? Stressful or Stress Free?

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You've started your wedding planning.  Found the perfect venues for your ceremony and reception.  Found the florist that knows exactly what you want.  Found that amazing dress that fits you perfectly.  You can't wait for everyone to see you in it, especially, Mr. Wonderful, the man that will soon be your husband.  You have planned everything to the letter.  Every last detail.



What about your photography?  After all it's just pictures.  Why should you spend a ton of money on the one thing that you'll have to remember you special day.  Do you want photos that show what happened and who was there?  Or images that capture the emotions, the love, the fun of your day?  Do you want pictures of the cake, the garter, the room?  Or do you want images that capture the essence or you day, the details you so much time on.



Your wedding day images should capture every moment, every detail, the emotions of the day.  You wedding day images should capture YOU.  Not just be a record of the day, however, the essence of you and your day.  Your day should be everything you want and expect it to be and your images should be part of the expectation.



So, do you want a stressed, record of the day?

Or a smooth, easy, fun day, that captures your excitement, you emotions.  The love, the fun, the one moment you'll never get back.

Give us a call to plan you visit to South Street so we can show you why you want us at your wedding.  Why you need us at your wedding.

Thank you; Seeya in the studio.



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