A few ideas to help with the bridal show experience.

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Since you're newly engaged and about to, if not already hitting the bridal shows, you could probably use a few ideas to make your show experience a little easier.  

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So... Here are a few to get you started:

First, many vendors will ask you to fill out an "entry form" for various reasons.   Pre-printed mailing labels with your contact info, wedding date will make this much easier.  

Second:  You go to the show, especially the larger shows with 100 vendors.  You collected a lot of information.  When you get home and begin to sort through all the various marketing stuff, how do you remember who you wanted to follow up with?   Your favorite photographer, for example?

Go to Staples or your local office supply store and pick up a package of STAR STICKERS.   The kind teaches may use for Gold Stars or colored dot sticker if you wish.   As you visit each vendor, place a star or dot on those you want to contact after the show.  Keep the stuff that you placed stars or dot on, toss the rest.  After all, why keep that stuff?  You not going to contact them.
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Well, that's it for now.   More tips in the future.  This should be enough to help keep you bridal show experience a good one. Not too overwhelming and hopefully a bit more organized. 

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