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February 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Our Latest is our "How it was done" series.

_B8A9570_B8A9570 This one is a little different.

We usually show the image we want to show you.  This time we thought we'd show you the actual HOW it was done.

A lot of our work is with an off camera flash.  The flash is triggered with a sender ans receiver system setup between the camera and the flash.

When the shutter in the camera is released, the camera sends a signal to the receiver attached to the flash causing it to fire.  This triggering is instantaneous.  This is how we illuminate our couple with the off camera flash.

03710371 Here is an image created with the setup shown above.

Our goal is creating wonderful photos and have fun.  When we achieve our goal, you'll see that in your photos.   A fun day captured with wonderful photos.


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