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This is new to our blog but older from our Facebook page.   We feel it makes more sense to have it on our blog than only on our Facebook page.


This is our "How the image was created" Series.  We pick a photo we are fond of and give you a little insight on how we set up and created the image.  Lighting, camera settings a little info on the couple or setting and such.  Here is the first one for our blog.

Ok, here goes......

This image was created using a "stick light" for lack of a better word.  Basically a glorified work type light.  We drop the veil over the brides face.  Have her drop her chip and glance down a bit and bring the light in from above and to the right of our camera position.  This is one of our favorite bride images.  Usually one of the first we do while our bride in still in her dressing room.


ISO: 400

SS :  1/160

F:      5.0

We hope you enjoyed this.  This will become a regular part of our blogging.  Stay tuned




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