Thing to remember for your wedding morning.

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There are a ton of things going on the morning of your wedding.  Some you may be aware of, some not.  Here are a few thing to remember for the morning of you big day.   We hope these are helpful.

First, try to get a good night sleep.  We know, that's not always easy with everything that's on your mind.  Look into relaxation techniques in advance.  This could be more helpful that you think.

Provod blog 001 (Sheet 1)Provod blog 001 (Sheet 1) Second, set you alarm a little earlier that you originally planned.  Getting up before you need will give time to organize your thoughts and yourself. And eat breakfast.   You don't know how important this can be in the long run.

Third, Don't let anyone distract you from what you need to do. To be ready on time.   I know there are a lot of distractions going on around you.  Don't let them get to you, (easier said than done).  Assign your MOH to deal with those distractions.

Blog 007Blog 007 Forth, above all, stay calm and collected.  The little things that may go askew will be minor and not be to worried about.  Let them go, let your mom or maid of honor handle them.  You should concentrate to enjoying the day and getting ready.

Fifth, let the professionals you've hired take care of you.  That's our job.  From your hair and make-up to your photographer, to your DJ and everyone else that you have hired.  We are all professionals that know the in's and out's of a wedding day.  We are there for you and will do our best to sure your day goes smoothly.

We hope these tidbit's are helpful.  Questions, feel free to call us, 732-866-1709.




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