Photographer ruins couples wedding

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There was a internet article a while ago regarding a photographer who "ruined" a couples wedding.  The article stated several thing about the photographer and the photos she delivered.   At booking, the 20 year old photographer, according to the story as it unfolded, informed the couple she was up and coming and didn't have a lot of experience.

The photographer posted a rebuttal after the story went viral.   There was a lot said on both sides.  The court ordered the photographer to refund an amount of money.

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I have a few thoughts on this:

With all of that, this couple could have avoided all of this by placing their wedding photos in the hands of a more experienced photographer.  In my opinion, this is not entirely the photographer fault.  The couple should have thought long and hard about the decision to hire and inexperienced photographer.

Spend your hard earned money wisely.  Is photography important?  Then hire an experienced wedding photographer.  If photography is not important, then shop on price, hire the least expensive.

Remember, you get what you pay for.  This said for a reason.  Do your research.








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