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12742582_10208911437205945_5124888052935479221_n12742582_10208911437205945_5124888052935479221_n So... There I was at our table at a recent bridal show.  A couple started asking question about our albums and turn around times, pricing.  The usual bridal show questions.  As the conversation went on, turns out they were married two years ago and were attending the show with engaged friends.   Turns out... they had a problem with their photographer and had not received their wedding album.   There were issues with the photos that needed to be corrected that the couple feel should have not been an issue in the first place and they should not be charged to fix the issues.

Wed 002 (Sheet 2)Wed 002 (Sheet 2) Now without seeing the images, I can only go by what this couple is telling me.   I don't know the other side of the story.   I offered to help in anyway I possibly can. 

Here are my thought on the over all big picture:  

This couple went with a "one stop shop".  Entertainment, video, photo, limos type company.   This company does not specialize in any one of these services, ok maybe one, HOWEVER, not photography for sure.  They most likely booked on the one stop aspect and price.

Wed 001 (Sheet 1)Wed 001 (Sheet 1) As a photographer that has been in this industry for 20 years, I feel I've seen it all.  

If you want quality photography, search for an experienced wedding photographer.  Someone that specializes in weddings.  Someone that understand the nuances of a wedding.  You might spend a few more bucks, however in the grand scheme of thing it's money well spent.

You'll have great images of you wonderful wedding day AND piece of mind.





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