What to do when one of your vendors want photos.

August 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What to do when, let's say, your florist or make-up artist wants photos of your big day?  Refer then to us.  We'll gladly send them photos to use in their advertising.

That being said, it appears it has become common practice for many vendors to place in their agreement that you MUST provide photos to them for their advertising.  

Be careful with this.  Your vendors do not have rights to your photos no matter what their contract states.  Although you'll receive a copy of your photos with a personal print release, your vendors cannot demand or force you to release your photos to them.  

Since we still maintain the copyright (so we can use your photos in our adverting and such), they need to come to us for copies of your photos.  Please understand, you don't have the right to release your photos to any vendor.  

This is something we feel strongly about.  We'll gladly help out your vendors.  I suggest you tell your vendors to remove that line and to contact us directly.  Tell them we'll gladly give them photos.  It's something we always do.  All they need to do is ask.  Easier that way and now you're out of the loop.  You're no longer the middleman.  We want your vendors to obtain your photos directly from us.  Thank you for understanding.

We hope this is helpful and informative.

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