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Hi everyone,

This blog post may be a little on the technical side of the photography world, not so much showing or talking about South Street, or weddings in general, So… here goes.

In one of the many photography groups I’m in, recently, someone posted about breaking photography “rules”.  The question was something like, “Do you know the rules and break them, or do you not know the rules, and no one cares.”  Now, rules are made to be broken.  I get that.  Something I noticed throughout the post comments, and there were a great number of responses, was that those that felt they did not need to know the rule to create a pleasing photograph were adamant about, it almost cocky posting their rule breaking photo.  

WELL…. Believe it or not, the big thing I noticed of many, many of the “rule breaking” photos DID follow one particular photographic rule.  The Rule of Thirds.

The rule of thirds:  Assume you see your photo with a “Tic,Tac,Toe” grid set over it.  Where the lines cross is where your main subject of interest should be placed.  On or near one of the four crosses or one of the lines.  It’s pleasing to the eye.  Especially the lower right.  Since we read left to right, top to bottom, our eye naturally follows to the lower right point.  This a very common “photography rule”. 

I pointed out in several of the rule breakers, that the photo DID follow a rule.  So, following a rule, without knowing the rule.  They were following a rule without awareness and creating very pleasing photos inadvertently follow a basic photography rule, because it was pleasing to the eye.  I found that very interesting.  

Here are a few examples of the rules of thirds.

thirds 001 (Sheet 1)thirds 001 (Sheet 1)


Anyway…. One of our tasks for your wedding or portrait photos is to create pleasing images.  You may not realize why you like one photo over another.  But you do.  Changes are, it’s due to a photographic “rule”, that creates eye catching photos. 

I hope your enjoyed this and maybe see a little more into how we think and see photos.

thirds 002 (Sheet 2)thirds 002 (Sheet 2)


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