A little personal, family tree research

June 04, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Lately, more, and in the past my wife and I have looked into our family trees.  With the recent passing on my father in law and a cousins trip to Europe, we have begun to dig deeper.  This past weekend we took a trip to Ellis Island.  Of course I brought a camera, so here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Ellis Island 003 (Sheet 3)Ellis Island 003 (Sheet 3)

Ellis Island 001 (Sheet 1)Ellis Island 001 (Sheet 1)

We did find a few names on the wall with the names of those that passed through Ellis Island on their way to lives in the US.  We know my dad and mom's parent's came through Ellis Island.  The names we found on the wall may or may not be directly related to us.  We could find out with more research.  We do know my sister was named for someone.  Assunta.   This could be that person.  Interesting stuff.  Hopefully more detail to follow as our research progresses.

Ellis Island 002 (Sheet 2)Ellis Island 002 (Sheet 2)


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