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My friend, Martin Tremaco and I have been teaching at MARS for the past several years.  Our class is "A foundation to finer photography".  

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There are several classes to chose from, ours is geared to the novice.  

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MARS is a week of learning, getting together with your peers, meeting new friends, seeing old friends and lots of fun.  A week to develop your photography skills and recharge you and your outlook on photography.



To anyone interested in spending a week learning how to be more creative with your DSLR camera and get it off of “auto” and on to the magical world of “manual”, working with John Pacetti and Marty Tremarco is perfect for you. I spent a week with them in Cape May MARS this year 2015 and I could not have made a better decision to attend MARS. I went alone but immediately felt that I was a part of something special and a part of a really great group of photographers.

As a beginner I was concerned that my skill level would be to amateur for the class, however, John and Marty put those feelings at ease immediately during our first introductory class on Sunday evening. John and Marty worked with each student throughout the week making sure every question was not only understood, they found opportunities to develop in each a student a confidence to use our new knowledge and set it to memory so when we left class and were on our own, we could easily remember what they taught us.  

By the end of the week, I sadly said goodbye to the new friends I made but I found John and Marty will be forever friends and continue to give me support throughout the year.  I began their class with excitement but trepidation and left with greater excitement and MOTIVATION! 

Thank you John and Marty for “gearing” me up to enjoy photography with a greater understanding and curiosity to continue to learn for a lifetime.


MARS student 2015


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