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Interested is a photography class?  You my like this.  Click Here



MARS    Mid Atlantic Regional School

MARS is a week long class held in Cape May NJ in May.

You spend a week with the instructor of your choice.

A week of learning, fun and friends. Best school for the money.

2017 will be my 5th year teaching a MARS.  A Photography 101 class.  Maybe you don't need a basic photography class, however you may know someone that could.  Possibly you'd like a refresher on the basics.

Check out the MARS website or call me at 732 866-1709


Wedding Day Follow Along

I began this opportunity last year.  This is the opportunity to follow us on a wedding day, start to finish.  The perfect learning experience for the aspiring wedding photographer.  If you new to weddings or not sue if the is something you're interested in pursuing, this is the perfect way to gain valuable experience.  You can do either a one or two day follow along.  You can pick out brains ask question and practice your skills. 

Please realize, this is a learning experience, not portfolio building. 

Articles: The below articles are on everything from exposure control to composition to lighting to flash control and more.  
New articles add frequently.     
#1 Exposure control What's is all about
#2 Exposure Control - Interaction
#4 Exposure Control - FStop & DOF
#5 Exposure control - FStop & Exposure
#6 Exposure Control - Shutter Speed
#7 Exposure Control - What is a stop of light
#8 Exposure Control - Putting it all together
#9 Copy Right - Take it Seriously
#17 Trimming Effect - Slimming someone in photographs
#19 Editing - Working with digital files
#20 Tone Mapping - Blending the tome of over lay images