About your day OR how we do what we do.

First a quick rundown on timing for your day.

Typically we figure on starting about 3 hours prior to your ceremony time, depending on if you're having everything at one location or multiple locations as in we are starting at your home or your venue.  Figure 30 minutes with the guys and up to 90 minutes with the ladies.

Lauren usually will cover the guys getting ready and I the girls.  Occasionally Lauren will help me finish up with the ladies.

The ceremony could be 30 minutes or 2 hours.  A ceremony at your venue vs. a full mass in your church.

Family photos after the ceremony 15 to 20 minutes.  And photos with you and your bridal party at your chosen photo spot 30 to 45 minutes.  Then off to your reception. 

Usually, our days can be anywhere from 8 to 12 hours long

It's the morning of your big day.  Your thoughts run from, it's such a nice day, to, he better be on time, to OMG our photographer will be here any minute.   Relax you are in good hands. 

Lauren and I have been a team for many years.  We work well together.  We often don't finish sentences, and we use shortcut phrases and hand gestures (mostly me, I talk with my hands) often.  We have fun working together and it shows. 

We hope this gives you an excellent idea of how Lauren and I work and handle your day so we can deliver wonderful wedding day photos as you start the next chapter of your lives. You can rely on our years of experience, training, and wedding day savvy to create your perfect photos.

This is a typical church-type wedding day.  We do many weddings where everything is in one location or the ceremony and reception are in one location with different getting ready locations. In those cases, we may or may not do the first look, “the big reveal” as it is often called.  Keep in mind we can handle your day any way you plan.  We’ll work with you to set the time so we can do everything we can you create and capture the image you want and even those above and beyond photos.


Our days are probably longer than most photographers. We don’t count hours (yes everyone works on a clock, not us). We are there to photograph your big day.  Our day can be 12 hours long, occasionally longer. So, don’t worry about limited hours of coverage.

To start our day, Lauren will go to the guys and I’ll go to the girls.  Lauren likes to photograph the guys because she feels they are used to listening to their "significant other", (mom)(that’s our little joke) and will listen to her so she can get all the photos she wants.  Since the guy's photos tend to go faster than the girl's photos (no dress, flowers to work with), if it is logistically possible, Lauren will head over to where we are and help me finish up.  Figure 30 to 45 minutes for photos with the guys.

Occasionally, due to logistics, we may do the guy's photos later in the day.  This does not happen often.

012012 The girl’s photos take more time.  There are typically a lot more detail photos, dress, getting-ready photos, and more.  We figure 90 minutes.  Assuming everyone is on time, we plan 2 hours.  You never know what can happen and I would rather have the time and not need it rather than need it and not have the time.  BTW, we tend to be early, so if we have a 12:30 start time, expect us to be there by 12:15.  That gives us a little extra time to check out our surroundings, see where we will be doing our photos AND it lights a fire under everyone if you know what I mean.  It gets people moving (OMG, our photographer is here!). 

We want to be sure we finish up with enough time left so you can, get something to eat (don’t go to the church with an empty stomach), pack the car (remember the marriage licenses), hit the restroom.  Do whatever you need to do to be on time.  Plus, we want to get there before you do to get ourselves set up, speak to your officiant to check on rules and regulations (some churches are rather strict when it comes to photography and video), and get ready for your arrival. 11 17 2019 009 (Sheet 9)11 17 2019 009 (Sheet 9)

A few photos of you getting out of the car, bus, or trolly, and off you go to get married.

The ceremony is “as it happens”.  We know where we need to be and when to be there.  We do not want to be the center of attention.  That’s your job that day.  We are here to create and capture the moments. 

Remember, “Photographers are preservationists by nature.  We create images to stop time. We commit moments to eternity." 

Once the ceremony is over, and you are finished with your receiving line, a few quick exit photos and then, family photos.  We have everyone we need in one place at one time. Better to get them done now.  If we try to do them at the reception location, it becomes difficult to round people up. 

Assume 2 hours at the church if you are having a full mass. 90 minutes if just a ceremony, give or take a bit.  That’s from the time you arrive, get married(YAY!), receiving line, finish family photo, and leave for your bridal party photo location.

10 26 2019 Blog 010 (Sheet 10)10 26 2019 Blog 010 (Sheet 10) Now off to our photo location. You may have chosen a park, beach, or wherever or even your reception location.  Many venues have fantastic gardens for photos.  We would love 45 minutes for your photo.  We don’t always have that.  Rest assured we can get a lot done in a minimal amount of time.  This is one of the times our experience pays off.  We know how to move through photos of your bridal party quickly so we can concentrate our efforts on you, our newlyweds.   We want you to have the photos you will treasure forever. 

Now off to your reception. During your cocktail hour, we are getting set up for your reception. More detail photos, photos of the room, and maybe some of your cocktail hour.

The reception is really “as it happens” also.  We don’t direct it. We let it happen.  Again, we know where we need to be and when to be there.   We will get involved in cake cutting so we can be sure to get great photos and also, garter and bouquet toss (if you choose to do that) so we are sure you don’t toss the bouquet into a chandelier (LOL).

10 26 2019 Blog 006 (Sheet 6)10 26 2019 Blog 006 (Sheet 6) Now, we usually stay until the end of your 4-hour reception. We never know what to expect. Sometimes an impromptu speech or whatever.  You want us there to capture that.  Many photographers, due to limited coverage hours will leave after the cake-cutting.  Personally, I don’t understand that thinking.  The last hour is most often the best for great candid photos.

In a nutshell, (a big nutshell) that’s our day at least a church wedding day. As I said above, we do many weddings that are not church-oriented and can accommodate those types of days.  I just don’t want to go into too much here and take up any more of your time than I already have. 

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.  We are here to help in any way we can. 

Whether you book us or another photographer, we want you to make the best decision for your special day. 

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