All about light

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Photography is all about light and how we see and use it.  Many times we'll be working at a location and "see" an idea or a scene.

This particular location was on the Jersey shore.  As I was checking out the house, I noticed the door frame leading out to the small deck.  The sun was lighting up the deck and the Adirondack chair.  Clouds in the sky.  I couldn't resist.  





00700070 The second image was on the upper floor.  The sliding door lent to a perfect image for me.  The mirror the shadow all came together in my mind.  I often use the phrase, "I see things."  when I have an idea.

THIS is what I saw. Enough light in the room to give me a balanced (enough) exposure to see the shadow, her reflection, and detail in the back of the dress.  Yes, I lost some detail in the side of the dress due to the sunlight, however, that is part of the creative aspect.  I liked the "look".




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