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05610561 When Lauren and I present our work at bridal shows, we hear from many couples that they see a difference in our work compared to many other photographers.

I believe the reason for this is simple.  We pay attention to the small details when creating your photographs.  Where hands are in your photos, how people are connected or engaged with each other, a slight head tilt here and there.  These little details make a huge difference in your photos.  

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When researching your photography, look closely at the photos.  Look for those details.  You'll see a difference, trust me.  When looking at our photos, you'll notice things like head tilted toward the camera, couples leaning together, not away from each other.   You'll notice clean lines with the bridal party, guys hands all positioned the same, girls flowers all held the same way and more.





By making these small details (and they only take seconds to take care of) a priority, you can be guaranteed wonderful photos of your big day.

One more reason we could be your perfect photographer.

To find out more or schedule a visit to our showroom, call 732-866-1709, or email  [email protected] OR us our online scheduler by clicking here.



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