Request by our bride for her wedding

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Blog 2020 002 (Sheet 2)Blog 2020 002 (Sheet 2)

A while back one of our brides made a request.  She did not want us in the church proper during the ceremony.  Saying she had attended a  number of recent weddings where the photographers were very obtrusive during the ceremony.  She didn't want that at her wedding.  We assured her we were discrete and very unobtrusive.  Still, she insisted.  We abided by her request.  


Blog 2020 003 (Sheet 3)Blog 2020 003 (Sheet 3)

Once the wedding arrived, we were prepared for the situation.  We stayed in the lobby just outside the church proper.  We photographed the ceremony from the lobby through the doors using long lenses.  We got a lot of great photos despite the restrictions.  Our bride expected no photos of the ceremony due to her request.  We were able to give her the photos she should have by being prepared and knowledgable in what we are able to do with our experience and our equipment.

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