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Album design.

10 spread (30 pages) album 175 (no editing)

20 spread (40 pages) album 250 (no editing)

Changes 10.00 per spread.

 Album design with editing, add 99


Bulk wedding rate: Basic exposure correction.  Minor cropping.


Up to 1000 Photos $150.00

Up to 1500 Photos $195.00

Up to 2000 Photos $250.00

If you need culling, culling of wedding files, 8 cents per file. It's better if you send only what you wish edited.


Clean up editing

Wedding photos readied for album design, without design services.

Up to 50 files = 75
Up to 75 files = 100
Up to 100 files = 125
One dollar per over 100

Skin cleanup, head swaps.  Extreme exposure corrections.  Removal of objects.