South Street Photography New Jersey Wedding Photography, John J Pacetti | FAQ's


In case there is something we didn't discuss.

How long have you been in business?
Since in January of 1997. I feel, and I believe you’ll agree, from what you have seen on our website, that we have the talent, experience and heart to make your day memorable.   Lauren and I have been a team for, well, a long time.   We have the Attitude Skill and Knowledge to make your wedding day amazing and your photos awesome .

How many images will you create on my wedding day?
That's hard to say. There are a number of variables that we don’t have control over. The number in your bridal party, number of family, length and denomination of the ceremony, how much time will we have to create your images, and circumstances of the reception, are all variables.  Typically, 600 to 900 images is average.


Does my package include full day coverage?
Yes. Our day is anywhere from 10 to 12 hours long, occasionally longer, depending on locations, and drive times. And, no I do not charge for travel. (Unless an overnight stay in involved). No overtime fees either.


Are you insured?
Absolutely! Many catering facilities and some churches require a copy of our insurance certificate.


When will my previews be ready?
I’ll have everything ready for you before you return from your honeymoon.  Usually with in a week of your wedding day.   We have THE fastest turn around time in the area, if not the state. 


When will my album be ready?
Once I have your approval on the album design, Album completion can be 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of album.  Again one of the fastest turn around times.


When will my website be ready?
Same as your previews, with in a week of your big day.  I’ll post your site once you return from you honeymoon and pick up your preview book and thumb drive.  That way no one will see your images before you do. That’s only fair.


Do you work with an assistant or second photographer?
We are a two photographer team, always. We capture the day in a way you never would have imagined.


Are we required to provide a meal at the reception?
Required, no, but a hot meal in deeply appreciated. Please keep in mind we will be with you all day. Our days are usually 10 to 12 hours long.


Do you carry backup equipment?
ABSOLUTELY! I can not imagine anyone not carrying backup. You must! Could you imagine if I approached you during your reception and told you my camera was no longer functioning properly and there was nothing I could do about it! We carry at least 5 camera bodies, 7 lenses, 6 flash units and a lot of memory cards. And, more battery power then we could ever use on one wedding. Be Prepared!


Are my images Copyrighted? or, Who owns the copyright to the imaged? (Can I make my own prints?)
We own the Copyright, however your package includes a copy of your image files and a
print release so you can print your photos for personal use.


Are there additional charges if I want to make changes in the album design?
Absolutely not. Your album design is done in house. To make changes is easy and quick. I’m not going to “nickel & dime” you. I would rather have you spend your hard earned dollars on you images, album and portraits.


Are we able to copy the Slide show and such?
Sure you can. I don’t mind. The more people that see your wedding day images, the happier I’ll be. That being said. The disks are for your pleasure, not be give to another professional for use in their presentations.  You can not provide it to you florist or venue, for example.   If they do ask for photos, have them contact us.  We'll be glad to help them out.


Is it ok if friends and family take photos while you are?
Yes, however, I need your undivided attention to be sure we create the best possible images for you. If you are distracted or paying attention to someone else your images will reflect that.


Can you work in any lighting conditions, full sun to a dark reception room?

YES! We are very skilled especially when it comes to lighting.  We work with available light, reflectors, on and off camera flashes.  We can handle any lighting situation.


Can you help us determine timing, help keep us on time.

Absolutely.  This is something we are very good at. We'll keep things on time throughout your day, Don't worry.