South Street Photography New Jersey Wedding Photography, John J Pacetti | Tips and Tricks


This is a list of thing we hope will make your wedding day go smoothly.  Things we've learned over the years that should make your day well planned and easy.  If you have questions, please feel free to ask.  We are here to help.


1. Keep in mind we need about 1½ hours at the bride’s house and 45 minutes with the guys, so… we usually need to be at the bride’s house about 2 hours before the ceremony start time and an hour before that with the guys. Please plan you timing accordingly.  

2. If you plan on having you hair or make-up done, please insist you are done first.  If not first one of the first.  Hair and makeup people like to do the bride last.  Please don’t let them talk you into being last. You don’t know how many time photos start an hour late because the bride was last.  You hired us for our creativity & skills. We cannot do for you what we can, if we are not give the time we planned. Also, you should start getting ready ½ hour earlier than you think you should. Give yourself some extra time, you’ll always find a way to use it.

3. Guys, your hair cut, if you plan on a cut just before the wedding, have your hair cut a number of days prior. Let your hair grow in for a few days. This way it won’t have the just cut look. One less thing to do a day or two before your wedding day.

4. It is very important we start on time! It will be difficult to do everything we need to without enough time.   Therefore number 5 & 6.

5. Please have everyone ready at our decided start time. This will insure people will be ready when we need them. This includes parents, bridal party etc.

6. Family photos are an important part of the day. Make sure your families know ahead of time that they will be needed for photos at the appointed times. Usually the bride’s immediate family at the house, grooms immediate family at his house, and both sides usually following the ceremony.

7. Wedding sneakers or slippers! If you plan on spending time on the dance floor, no one will know you’re wearing sneakers or slippers. Your feet will thank you by the end of the day!

8. Limos are usually booked based on a number of hours. Consider our photo time and drive time to your reception site when making your limo arrangements.

9. Should you decide to provide us with a meal, I would like to respectfully make two small requests. First, we are provided with a table (small and out of the way) in the reception room with your guest so we do not miss something that may happen during dinner.  An impromptu speech for an example, trust me, this has happened. Second that a hot meal be provided. We will be with you 10 to 12 hours; a hot meal is deeply appreciated.

10. Luggage tags, that’s right, luggage tags. It’s my job to think of these things. Buy a few tags (the kind you slip on to your bags) and slip a photo in them. Attach them to your bags when you leave for that far off place. You’ll always be able to identify your bags and no one can mistake yours
for theirs. What a great idea! Aren’t you glad I thought of it?

11. Above all, relax. Let the professionals you’ve hired take care of you, your family and friends. Relax, have fun and enjoy your day!!!

12. Create a # (hashtag) for your wedding.  Your friends an family can share their photos of your big day.