Ruby's Tuesday 06 25

June 25, 2019 - Ruby LOVE, LOVES, LOVES the Sun. If she's not outside sunning herself, she'll find a spot in the sun anywhere she can. H...
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How it was done.

June 20, 2019 - Hi, We haven't posted a "How it was done" photo in a while, so her's one for you. This is how we create out night photo...
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Ruby's Tuesday 06 11 2019

June 11, 2019 - Recently Ruby took a trip to visit her new cousin, Peaches. A family member's new puppy. They met for the first time a f...
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MARS 2019

June 09, 2019 - As you may know, Lauren and I attend the Mid-Atlantic Regional School (MARS for short)(some years I teach a class) every...
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A recent wedding 03 30 2019

June 05, 2019 - We had a wonderful day with Seth and Lauren. The weather we perfect. We spent the day creating their photos at the Gran...
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Ruby's Tuesday 06 04 2019

June 03, 2019 - Ruby had a fun week. Although we are not Irish, we can pretend to be one day a year. BTW: No puppies were harmed in...
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