A little venting about over edited images

February 25, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Something I feel needs to be said:

I see a great number of images from other photographer, posted on Facebook and other online sites that have been, in my opinion, severely edited.

I'm not talking about and edit for artistic appeal. I'm talking about over processed eyes, overly polished skin, muted or over saturated skin tones. As I said, there is artistic impression and editing just because you can.

In my opinion, an image, specially one we will deliver to a client for possible display in their home, should be as natural as possible. I feel we need to stay true to the image we create.

An image that is overly processed, says to me that I'm trying to hide or over correct for something. I know I have a scar on my face. If that were to be taken out in editing, I would notice and the image wouldn't be natural. Personally I wouldn't want anyone to fix something I know is part of my personality. I wouldn't want someone to lighten my skin tone because it isn't the same as someone else in the same image. I wouldn't want an image with my skin so smoothed over I don't look like me any more. Personal opinion, the magazine industry has pushed this "look" upon us. I feel we need to be true to the images we create.  Again, my opinion, this is not a "style", this is over editing.

Now with that being said, we do some edits for artistic impression, clean up skin blemishes, some nips and tucks.  NOT over polishing of skin and other similar editing "techniques".  This "look" may be popular in some circles now, however, fads pass.  Hopefully this one will, soon.  


Ok I done venting, noe back to your regularly scheduled internet surfing........


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