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This post is about a few things.  When Lauren and I are photographing a wedding we often will tell our subject to turn, move, tilt, or do something we feel is necessary for a better look to your photos.

This one is a quick "How we do it"  you can see the flack unite behind our couple in the left photo.  In the right photo, you'll notice a slight"rim" light around them.  This is a look we like to use occasionally.

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This one is about head position.  We tell our couple when looking at each other, to slightly tilt your heads toward the camera.  We feel it's a nicer look.  With his head tilted away from the camera, we feel it loses something, which is difficult to explain, however, we think you can see what we mean in the bottom photo.  There is also a difference in cropping and photographic angle.  We do this to give you several different looks at the same scene. 


We hope you find our post like this fun and educational.

If you're interested in learning more, you can schedule an online meeting or a phone call to get us started.  Click here to do so.



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