At our Brides request.

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We've been a little lax lately with our post.  We've been busy.

This was at the requests of our bride.  She had been to several weddings where the photographer(s) were very "present" during the ceremony.  To the point that she noticed enough that she didn't way us inside the church proper.  We were asked to stay back in the vestibule.  I assured her we would not be noticed, we are very discreet.  She was adamant on this point, so we stayed in the vestibule.  We asked that the main doors remain open, she agreed.

We were challenged a bit to get what we could of the ceremony from a greater distance than we normally would and look for different angles.  

Below are a few photos.  She was amazed at what we were able to get.  She expected no photos of the ceremony at all, which she was fine with.  

BTW, The photo with the reflection was captured through the glass wall.  The statue was behind us and visible on the glass.  We thought it made for an interesting image for our couple.


Church 2Church 2 ChurchChurch



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