Timing for your wedding day, no first look.

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A wedding day in one location with no first look.

10 26 2019 Blog 006 (Sheet 6)10 26 2019 Blog 006 (Sheet 6) First, let me say, if you are not planning on a first look, expect to use much of your cocktail hour to get photos done.  The reason is, we have to get you and your friends and family with our couple together.  Prior to the ceremony, we would typically do photos with each side of the party separately.  I'll take one side and Lauren the other.  Occasionally, depending on your venue we have to be sure you don't accidentally see each other.  So, we'll work that out.

Since we are not doing a first look, we don't need to start as early as we would with a first look.  That may depend on you venue.  Occasionally your venue will be large enough that Lauren and I can work in different parts of your venue and not risk you seeing each other.  However, there are venues where we have to work in the same areas.  In this case, we'll work with one side, then the other, and may need more time upfront.

007007 Then the ceremony and after we will do photos with everyone together. Families, your party, and our couple.  This could take up a good portion of your cocktail hour, depending on the number of people.  Hopefully, we can finish quickly enough to get you into some of your cocktail hour.  Then into your reception.

We are here to help.  If you are interested in finding out how we could be your perfect photographers, you can set up a meeting by clicking HERE.   this is our online scheduling service.  you can set up a phone call.  An online meeting or a face to face meeting.  Whichever is best for your needs.  Or you can email us at [email protected]




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