How we set up our wedding day coverage. Time wise.

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Ok, this could get a little lengthy.  So here we go.

12 05 2020 0112 05 2020 01 Assuming a wedding day where we do all of the photos in one location and our couple is doing a first look and finishing our photos before the ceremony, which many of our weddings are, this is how we lay out the timing of our day.

Lauren and I arrive about three hours before the start of the ceremony (we tend to be a little early). We will split up.  She photographs one side and me the other.  Then we do the first look.  Sometimes we'll do the first look, first.  We can do that either alone, just us and our couple, or allow everyone to watch and get their reactions.  First looks are often emotional and touching moments.

013013 Then we get into group photos of your party and families and finish with our couple.  Then into the ceremony and reception.  This is a simplified look at this type of wedding, however, you get the idea.  As I said, figure starting three hours prior to your ceremony start time.  The time gives us some room for "stuff".   "Stuff" always happens that eats up time.  Better to have a little extra time built-in.

In a nutshell that's a day in the life of our wedding day.  Our day is anywhere from 8 hours on up most often 10 to 11 hours long.

11 17 2019 005 (Sheet 5)11 17 2019 005 (Sheet 5) Our next blog post will be on a different type of wedding day, so, check back soon.

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