What makes us "great?"

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A few days ago, I had a conversation with a potential wedding couple.  Their first question was, “ What makes you and Lauren so great?”  I chuckled, not really understanding if it was a serious question or a comment on what they saw on our website. So, I ask if they wanted me to answer that or did they have other questions.  To which they said I could answer.

Now, I am not particularly fond of those types of questions, (what makes you better than photographer ABC?) because I don’t know what makes us great.

Anyway, I answered something like this:


I don’t know what makes us great.  I do know that Lauren and I have been a team for many years.  Our style has developed over those years.  We are easygoing and enjoy what we do.  We have a lot of fun when we're at a wedding and that comes through in our style and how we work with our couples.  If we’re having fun, you will, too.


Our experience and wedding day savvy are a few things I feel give us an advantage, especially over newer photographers. I feel our work speaks for itself.  We know how to handle timing, large bridal parties, families, and how to get the photos you want quickly so you’re able to enjoy your day.

We know what we need to do.  We know how to get it done and we can get it done quickly.  We can “See the scene” for our bride and groom portraits.  We can go into any location and quickly pick our “photo op” spots.  We can move through our posed and not so posed portraits quickly due to the techniques we often use.  Our goal is to get you into your cocktail hour on time so you can spend time with your family and friend and enjoy your reception.



So..,, that’s what makes us “great”, I'd say.

Want to learn more about us and what we can do for you on your big day? Set up a meeting or a quick phone call HERE.  We could be your perfect photographers.

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