Attention to detail, The little thing that make a huge difference.

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We haven't ever talked about this on our blog.  I think it's about time we did.

Lauren and I pride ourselves on our work and attention to the details.  Little things, or changes that can make all the difference in an image.  A subtle change that you may not think makes a difference but does.  Sometimes a huge difference.  Our point, Do you want someone to just take pictures, or do you want a photographer to create?

The first couple under the tree, A little suggestion to him.  Lean her into a slight back dip, and we have a much more dramatic image.  The left photo is nice too, however, the right has a more fun dramatic feel.

Next our couple next to the door.

Left is a nice photo of our couple using the door as an accent piece in the image.  "Guys, lean into each other a little.", and we have a much nicer, more intimate feel and look to the photo.

And last but not least, with the hats.  We love this look, but having her turn her hat out and move her arm back gives us so much more to the image.  It gives us the appearance of movement and fun.

These are the things we pay attention to while creating your photos.  The small touches, the little things that can make or break an image.  Laure or I will often "tweak" our posing on the fly while we're working with you.  you may not realize what we are doing by making a suggestion or change, however, you'll notice that in your wedding day photos.

We hope you're enjoying our blog post and that they are helpful whether you select South Street or another photographer.

If you are interested in learning more about South Street, click HERE to set up a meeting you can do an online meeting or meet us in person at our showroom.




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